SAVE THE DATE!  It is time to update our Pictorial Church Directory. The last one was done in 2011. Mark the “picture taking days” beginning on Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, September 27. Bev Card is chairing the directory for us this year. She will have more information as to sign ups, etc, in the near future. If you wish to use your family picture for Christmas gifts, they will be ready in time for that.

Cooks needed to prepare a meal for R.O.C.K. to be delivered prior to August 11st.  Please contact Deborah Strom if you would like to volunteer.

Welcome to Washington Farm United Methodist Church

3921 Old Mill Rd, Alexandria, VA  22309


In Our Thoughts and Prayers

For those with health concerns:  Sara Barnes, Don Barnes, Trish Freeman, Jim Freeman, Doug Benney, Samantha Barnes, Helen Boyd, Fred Geissler, Bob Grayson, Marissa Fortunato, Carol McMillan, Lee Fay, Janelle Jernigan, Sy Berdux

For those deployed: Cain Baker, Wes Millwood and all members of our Armed Forces

Please contact the church office with prayer concerns and updates.

This Week at WFUMC

Sunday, August 3

    8:00 am    Bible Study

    9:00 am    Worship

   10:00 am   Sunday School for all ages

   11:00 am    Worship

The Sanctuary is open every day for prayer.