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Nov 28


Advent begins this Sunday, December 1. During the Advent season, we will again offer communion every Sunday at the 9 AM service. Pastor Christina is also offering a Thursday Morning Prayer Group It will begin at 7:30 AM and last perhaps only 20 minutes. We begin on December 5 and will end on December 26. On Christmas Eve, we will have a Service at 7 PM. At 11 PM, We will again have our Candlelight Communion Service, with the Chancel Choir.

The Pastor and her family invite you to a Christmas Eve Open House at the Parsonage on from 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM.

As you may know, Bob Enck is leading the Christmas tree project again this year. He will be coordinating the activities, soliciting volunteers, providing you updates from the lot and basically keeping you informed along the way as we provide this valuable service to our community.

Our objective for this project: To carry on the decades-long tradition (5 decades) of the WFUMC Christmas Tree Project.  To serve the community by providing a family friendly place to obtain beautiful Christmas trees while having the congregation/church family celebrate the Christmas season through a fund raising event that gives back to the community.

The remaining schedule of events for this year look like this: (THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING WITH GETTING THE SHED, RACKS AND LIGHTS UP LAST FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!!)

Sat, Nov 30 at 8 AM: Unloading 600 trees; putting trees on racks, stacking the remainder of the trees finishing the final preparations.

Sat, Nov 30 starting at 12 noon & each day thereafter; manning the tree lot.

Sat, Dec 7 at 8 AM: Unloading the last 600 trees; putting trees on racks, stacking the remainder of the trees.

Starting Dec 1 – approximately Dec 15, Tree project times:

Weekdays: 12 Noon – 8pm (2 shifts)

Saturdays: 9am – 8pm (3 shifts)

Sundays:  12pm – 8pm (2 shifts)

As we get geared up for the project this year, here are some tidbits Bob thought you may like to review: We do not “sell” trees, rather we “distribute” trees in return for a donation to our church.  As our church is a not for profit organization, we only ask for donations when we distribute the trees to our patrons.  It is a nuance, I know, but important for us to remember while working in the lot. Due to the new tree vendor and the cost for delivery of the trees, the “suggested donation” for each tree is $50 for all trees.  If you are working in the lot, it is important for you to be able to communicate the reason for the slight increase (new distributor, better trees, increase in the cost of delivery).  Additionally, as always, if there are folks hesitating at the price, please check with the tree lot lead for your shift to see if there is an option for some type of discount.

There is a signup sheet currently in the Narthex for unloading of trees as well as working the lot. The success of this project is directly dependent on the volunteers that give of their time to man the lot.  If you are able, please consider spending time in the lot this season.  If you are unable to help in the lot, you might like to donate snacks or a crock pot of soup for the volunteers. We also ask that you offer up prayers for a successful season!

You will receive numerous updates from Bob throughout the season getting you ready for the project,  keeping you updated on the progress of our project, letting you know the status of our volunteers and sharing stories from the lot.  Please feel free to contact him at enckfamily2010@yahoo.com , or Nancy in the church office admin@washingtonfarmumc.org; 703-780-4696 at any point with questions, comments, suggestions or requests.

Pastor Christina and the Staff of Washington Farm UMC want to take this opportunity to wish all of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings. We are so grateful to be serving this active congregation.

Nancy Lichtenfels

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